Ask and seek the knowledge of an expert before you buy or invest. We encourage of Clients, Mostly especially out client in the Diaspora to make good use of this services. Please don't lose your Hard-Earn-Money.

GVALUATION AND ADVISORY Valuation is a cornerstone of any financial decision an investor, occupier or owner can make. That’s why Aridan Construction Valuation and Advisory services team is proud to be the market leader for expert, independent advice on all property types and interests, from entire portfolio valuations, collateral of loans to one-off commercial buildings and residential premises.

Our teams are highly experienced in:

  • Cross border valuations: including portfolio valuation, loan security, securitisations, mergers and acquisitions
  • Single country valuations: including competitive market insight, government activity, infrastructure and building regulations
  • Research-led valuations: including portfolio valuation, loan security, merger and acquisition and large multi-phase developments
  • Consultancy advisory services: including viability studies, optimum product definition, research led analysis

Our Valuation and Advisory team is continually looking for ways to improve these services. That’s why we’re dedicated to pioneering new technology and techniques, including automated valuation models with innovative digital reporting.

Our Process

  • Client Submit Design.
  • Quotation Agreed.
  • Document Submitted if needed (E.g CAC Document, Certificate, Builder profile.
  • 1 - 3 years Building payment plan.