Eng. Omotayo Oyerokun


He is the Chief Executive Officer of Aridan Construction Company Limited. He is a member of the Society of Operation Engineer and United Kingdom Federation of Builders. He Started his career at Gold Fount Construction Limited where he was the Operation Engineer on Various projects. He has also consulted for several British Firms in the UK. He has single handedly Managed/supervised Various Construction projects. He also Embarked/Currently Embarks on Various Estate Development Projects such as Green Haven Estate in Wawa, Highhill Green Estate in Lala Town Abeokuta to Mention a Few.

He has vast experience in turning Real Estate into a very profitable venture and he is very passionate about Nigeria and Nigeria’s development. Because of his vast experience, other property companies in Nigeria are trying to break into the diaspora market by securing his services. He has a very good knowledge of property investment, he recently churned out over 50 millionaires through investment advice and encouragement over a plot of land worth 1.3 Million Naira initially and developed into 4 Million Naira within the space of 6 months in 2017. He has helped some many Nigerians in the diaspora Develop their dream homes, including those who have not been to Nigeria for years entrusted him with their Building projects. He has helped several clients who could not go to Nigeria (for some reasons) recover back acres of land and help them secure their properties.

He has developed and built relationships with Nigerian and Non-Nigerians in the building and construction industry. Today, most of his new projects come through recommendations as He has become the delight of Most Nigerians in the Diaspora because of his honesty and integrity.
He is responsible for co-ordinating projects and Ensuring Proper Execution. He also runs a Property Investment Company in the UK. Today, recommendations come readily because of the great services our company has rendered.

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